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Vastu Shastra, commonly known as Vaastu, is an ancient Indian architectural science that emphasizes harmony between human dwellings and the natural elements. It dictates principles for designing and constructing buildings to ensure positive energy flow and enhance well-being. Vaastu considers factors such as direction, placement, and spatial arrangement to create balanced living environments. Adhering to Vaastu principles is believed to promote prosperity, health, and happiness for occupants. It encompasses guidelines for residential, commercial, and spiritual spaces, influencing everything from room layout to furniture placement. Vaastu is deeply rooted in Hindu mythology and is considered a sacred practice for creating sacred spaces. While some regard Vaastu as pseudoscience, many individuals still consult Vaastu experts for guidance in architecture and interior design. Implementing Vaastu principles often involves rituals and ceremonies to purify and energize the living or working space. It's believed that Vaastu-compliant spaces can mitigate negative influences and enhance positive vibrations, fostering harmony and success.

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